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Dr. Marva L. Mitchell

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Dr. Marva L. Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell is the Vice President for IMA of Dayton, Ohio. She is the  Chairperson/Co-Founder of Project Impact Dayton. She was selected by the Governor of Ohio to serve on the board for the Faith-Based Initiatives of Ohio. Dr. Mitchell is the Bishop/Overseer of God’s W.I.L.L. Fellowship of Churches, consisting of 24 ministries in various states.

Dr. Mitchell travels nationwide to Kenya, Egypt; Mexico and India speaking in churches, conducting leadership conferences and seminars. She also has conducted Church Agency Development Seminars to “grass root” organizations across the United States.

She is the author of 3 books, the latest being It takes a Church to Raise a Village, which became a bestseller and can be found on bookshelves in Christian and secular bookstores. Dr. Mitchell’s new book will be released this year by Destiny Image Publishing Company.