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Pastor Paul O. Mitchell

Senior Pastor of Revival Center Ministries International started his ministry at the age of 16 when he began winning lost souls for Jesus Christ as he evangelized to his peers in the inner city.  The actual call on his was realized by his parents, Bishop Willie and Marva Mitchell at the age of three, when he approached his parents with a bible concerning the scripture; Romans 1:1 Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,

As a young minister of Revival Center Ministries he served as the President of the Youth Department, where he later became the Children’s Pastor. A graduate of Family Bible College, Pastor Paul received a Bachelor’s degree in Theology in 1996. Pastor Paul was ordained an elder and head evangelist of Revival Center Ministries in 1996. After the death of his father Bishop Willie E. Mitchell Sr., he became the assistant pastor of Revival Center Ministries International where he served faithfully with his mother Senior Pastor Bishop Marva L. Mitchell. In May 2004 Pastor Paul Mitchell was ordained Senior Pastor of Revival Center Ministries International by Bishop Marva L. Mitchell, Bishop Eddie Long and Bishop Andrew Merritt.

Pastor Paul has been the featured guest speaker for numerous youth revivals and men’s and women’s conferences and serves as a chaplain for the correctional institution. Pastor Paul is currently writing books on Grace-Giving and he will be adding author to his titles. Pastor Paul realizes to get to know God you must have a love for the word; and just as the word became flesh, flesh now seeks to become word.

Pastor Paul is full time in ministry and is dedicated to serving people and helping those who have needs.  Pastor Paul has three lovely daughters; Hannah Elizabeth, twins: Alexandria Christine and Alexia Nicole.